Tips on getting your website listed in the Tsection Web Directory

Choose the correct category

If you are a sole website developer, submitting to the general "Computers & Internet" category is not going to do you any favors when there is a "Computers & Internet > Internet > Web Design > Web Design Companies" category.

Don't just hope we won't notice... we will, which may cause your submission to be rejected.

If a suitable category does not exist, please suggest one by adding it to the comments field of the submission form.

Write a descriptive title and description

Carefully write a good quality title, description and keyword set. Like your website, your title and description must be written in the English language.

The title is the correct title of your business or website. For instance, if your company is called Brightlabs Pty Ltd, your correct title is "Brightlabs", not "Website Developer".

Try to make the description a fair, unbiased one that accurately describes your website.

Use proper sentence structure, and correct capitalization and spelling. (We are not going to accept your submission when it is entirely in capitals, or if random words or letters are capitalized!).

Don't use fancy ASCII characters in your title or description.

Don't stuff your title and description with keywords - they will either be deleted, or your submission will be rejected.

Example description

An example of a good description:

An example of a description that is totally unacceptable and will be rejected:

Give and you will receive

If possible, give a backlink. This is the best way to get included quickly - as we hate rejecting a website that backlinks, no matter how bad it may be -- and yes, we do notice, and care about, backlinks.

An alternative to giving a backlink is making a small donation. Any amount is acceptable and helps us keep the project going.

The best way to get your website in our directory is to choose our premium option - only $39.95 per year. Includes a star icon, attractive blue link text, and a bullet point list of products/services you offer.

Use your real first name

We get suspicious of people who use a fake or generic name. What are you trying to hide?