Policies and Agreements

Terms of Service Agreement

All visitors to Tsection agree that:

  1. Tsection provides this service to visitors for free, and as such all visitors are volunteers.
  2. Tsection has no control over any content that is served from an external website.
  3. The text entries, and URLs, in the directory database have been written by third parties. Tsection makes no warranty, guarantee or promise as to their accuracy or reliability.
  4. Tsection makes no warranty, guarantee, endorsement or promise in relation to any aspect of a third party service, product, company, other entity or other matter.
  5. Visitors have no right of action against Tsection, Brightlabs Pty Ltd or any related entity for any loss or damage suffered as a result of relying on any information contained in this database.
  6. Tsection's Privacy Policy applies to all personal information that is collected off the Tsection website.

Linking Policy

Tsection will NOT link to any website that contains:

  1. Pornography or explicit adult themes,
  2. Political propaganda,
  3. Racist, sexist, homophobic or other discriminatory content,
  4. Illegal material (including, but not limited to, material that contravenes copyright law - e.g. illegal Mp3s, Warez, Serials etc),
  5. Spyware or adware, or
  6. Slanderous/defamatory content.

This is not an exhaustive list. Tsection reserves the exclusive right to determine which websites it will link to. However, Tsection will only reject or delete a listing where the content of the subject website is deemed, in the opinion of a Tsection editor, to be offensive, not in the global public interest, or generally in bad taste.

Tsection will also not link to sites that:

  1. Are under construction,
  2. Do not serve the interests of a significant group of people,
  3. Have poor/ amateur layout or design,
  4. Have broken links,
  5. Contain a large number of advertisements, and
  6. Use pop-ups, pop-unders or any other obtrusive advertising.

Personal homepages or blogs will only be accepted in rare cases.

If you notice a website is included in this directory but contravenes our linking policy, please contact us at .

Listing Agreement

  1. Premium listings cost US $39.95 per year. Plain listings are provided free of charge.
  2. All websites submitted for consideration are not guaranteed a listing. If a submission for a Premium listing is not accepted, a full refund will be provided.
  3. The time periods quoted for listing approval are estimates only.
  4. Listings are placed in the directory at the sole discretion of one of Tsection's editors.
  5. Paid listings are given first priority, followed by donation listings, followed by backlink listings and finally plain listings.
  6. All submissions may be edited by Tsection's editors before they are placed in the directory. This includes, but is not limited to, changes to a listing's category, title, description and link URL.
  7. Tsection makes no guarantee, promise or warranty as to the exact location of a listing once it is published - and a listing's position is subject to change.
  8. A backlink listing will be deleted if the backlink is not maintained to the Tsection homepage (http://www.tsection.com) for a 12 month period. The backlink must appear on the listing site's homepage, or a page located no more than one click off the homepage.
  9. Tsection's robot will periodically check to ensure that backlink listings comply with our backlink policy.
  10. All listings are subject to being deleted at any time if they fail to comply with Tsection's Linking Policy (above). No refunds will be issued in this event.
  11. Tsection's linking policy, and this agreement, may change at any time and without notice. Changes to the linking policy will be published on this web page.
  12. If you submit your website for a Premium listing, but fail to pay the required subscription fee (or cancel the payment), your listing will be deleted at our discretion.
  13. For Premium listings, unfortunately, refunds for the first year's subscription are not permitted if you change your mind - however you may cancel your next year's subscription at any time. Please see our Help page for more information.
  14. Our Privacy Policy applies to all personal information submitted in conjunction with a listing. But submitting your website to the Tsection directory, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

  1. All personal information collected on the Tsection website is protected by this Privacy Policy.
  2. Tsection will not sell, rent or otherwise distribute your personal information without your consent.
  3. If you submit a listing to our directory, we may send you email in relation to the status of that listing (Status Emails). You agree to receive Status Emails as a condition of submitting your website. An example of a Status Email would be to tell you that your site had been accepted into the Tsection directory.
  4. If you nominate at the time of making a submission that you would like to receive marketing emails (for example, emails relating to website promotion), Tsection may send you such emails, or we may pass your email address on to third party companies who will provide this information to you. If you wish to unsubscribe from third party mailings, you will need to contact the third party company directly. Tsection cannot make these requests on your behalf.
  5. You may view a copy of the personal information that we have on file by emailing us at . You can also unsubscribe from mailings that originate from Tsection by emailing a request to this address. Please include in the request your website URL, the email address you used to submit the website and your name.
  6. Any questions relating to our Privacy Policy should be directed to our Privacy Officer at .

Last updated 12 March 2005.