Tsection Help - Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select links for the directory?

Our editors add websites they think are suitable for a particular category. An editor can either add a website that they are generally aware of, or a website that is suggested to us.

How can I suggest my website?

It is very easy to get a site listed - we accept either paid and free submissions, provided you meet our Linking Policy and are approved by an editor.

Read some tips on getting your website included.

Please note, we only accept websites written in the English language.

Do you accept all submissions?

No. Tsection always reserves the right to determine who we link to. We may also terminate a listing if we determine thatit is no longer appropriate to link to a site (if, for example, a site subsequently is found in breach of our Linking Policy).

Does it cost anything to add a website?

You can either add your website for free, or get a premium listing for a small yearly fee. If you opt for a premium listing, your site will be listed with the other premium listings at the 'top' of a category. Premium listings are also more attractive than free listings.

How long will it take to add my site?

If you opt for a premium listing, your site will generally be added to the directory in less than 48 hours (if your site conforms to our Linking Policy). A free listing can take up to 3 weeks.

How can I fast-track a free listing?

By placing a link on your website back to ours, your free listing submission will be fast tracked - in most cases it will be reviewed with 48 hours. You must maintain the link to our site for at least 12 months otherwise your listing will be deleted at our discretion. (Our robot will periodically check your site to ensure that the link still exists). The link must also be active at the time we review your site.

Can I change the text of a listing after it has been submitted?

You can only change the listing text if you have a premium listing.

If you have a premium listing and would like to change your listing text, please email us at . Do NOT email new listings to this address.

Please include the URL and the text you would like changed.

For security reasons, we will verify all change requests to the email that was provided at the time of registration.

I have a premium listing - how do I cancel it?

It is easy. To cancel your premium listing, simply click the button below and follow the instructions. Remember to resubmit your listing as a plain listing to keep it in our database.

Cancel Subscription

Can I link to Tsection?

Of course you can - in fact, we'd love a link back to our site! We have a number of suggested links that you can use, or you can make your own. Please only link to our front page (http://www.tsection.com). Thank you for your links, we do appreciate your support!

Still have a question?

Email us at .